Browning Maxus: repeating excellence

Publicado el 16 noviembre 2018
Autor Adrien Koutny
It’s a nice title, isn’t it? I could just as easily have written “Browning Maxus, the best gas-operated semi-auto shotgun on the market”. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Still, you get the idea. This article is intended to show you that the Maxus is the best buy in its category, your most trusted friend, your best investment.

Firing comfort

The Maxus comes with Browning’s exclusive Power Drive gas system technology, which combines with the Inflex butt plate to reduce felt recoil by 18% compared to any other semi-auto shotgun on the market! This softer recoil brings with it a whole range of other benefits. First of all, you can fire the follow-up shot quicker, with a greater chance of a double hit. Then, with less muzzle jump, you get a more accurate shot. That’s the kind of kick you want from a gun.

User comfort

If Maxus users feel they can afford a gentle potshot at less well-equipped unfortunates, it’s not just because their gun sits easier in the shoulder. It’s also because the Maxus is packed with innovations, like Browning’s proprietary Speed Load Plus system, which lets you chamber the first round automatically from the magazine tube. Unloading is just as quick and easy, too.

High performance

The Maxus comes with another exclusive Browning technology: the Lightning trigger – probably the best trigger ever designed for a semi-auto shotgun. With a locktime averaging 0.0052 seconds, the Lightning system is 24% faster than any rival semi-auto trigger. What’s more, it’s also easy to remove for cleaning.

Meticulous design

The sensual curves of the Maxus are subtly enhanced in a camo style or by its noble walnut furnishings. The smooth reloading action is matched only by the ease with which you will find reasons to go hunting. Disassembling and reassembling the Maxus is disarmingly simple.

And those are the indisputable fact-based arguments. But as a hunter, I know how shooters see their relationship with their gun as alchemy immune to rational argument. The magic needs to work its wonder. So make your way to one of our dealer partners and let the Maxus cast its spell.