5 Top Tips To Better Clay Shooting – Sam Green

Publicado el 03 noviembre 2015
Autor Daniel Beardsmore
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Ever wondered what it`s like to get inside the mind of a shooting professional? Meet Sam Green, a UK Browning International Sport shooter, who gives us the inside secrets to shooting success.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win!”

Sam Green: “5 top tips could be hard but I will give it a go”

  1. Working on your timing and gun mount is very important, there are many ways of doing this, but I find by just simply mounting the gun and getting the feel of your gun will help you.
  2. Concentration is all so one of the biggest things in this sport. I find by shooting some skeet helps me get my concentration back on top.
  3. Shooting all disciplines can help your sporting and Fitasc shooting too, as the more targets you see and shoot the better you will be come.
  4. Stay focused all the time, even if you are having a bad day missing one or two. My father once told me that winners never quit and quitters never win!!! That stays in my mind at every competition I go to.
  5. Lastly and most important to me is being comfortable with your gun and cartridges. For me it has and will still have to be, Browning. If you are convinced and have confidence in your gun, cartridges, and most importantly your self then you are already half way to being a champion…